The Loric, misleadingly called Loriens, are the sentient species from the plant Lorien. Loric closely resemble humans, to the point that humans cannot tell the difference between a Loric and a Human. Unlike the Mogadorians they do not possess distinct features that would make them stand out amongst ordinary humans. There are two different types of people within the Loric species. They are the Garde and the Cêpan. There also seems to be only one language among the Loric people.


Loric have visited Earth many times in the past. They had witnessed the Earth's development; witnessed its times of growth and abundance and through the times when the Earth was covered in nothing more than ice and snow.

The Loric had also helped early humanity acquire fire, as well as giving them tools that would later help them to create languange and speech. This is the reason why languages on Earth are so similar to the languages used on Lorien. The Loric did not abduct humans, although it happened multiple times throughout human history. It is suspected that the Magodorians are the ones responsible for the abductions.


Garde are the Loric who obtain Legacies. They are known as the defender's of Lorien. Garde possess superhuman strength, speed, endurance and durability.


Cêpan are the Loric who do not obtain legacies. They run the government and train the Garde.